New Virtual Reality Videos are Changing How People View Homes

Say goodbye to still photo slideshows and hello to the newest technologies and ground-breaking videos.

Whether you’re looking at a potential new property that hasn’t been built yet or are trying to buy your dream home from another city, sometimes seeing a slideshow, or looking through architectural drawings just doesn’t cut it. As with most things in life, it’s always beneficial to look at the property from a different angle.

This is where virtual reality videos come into play. At Multi-Area Developments, we think it’s important to show you all the views of our homes, whether it’s a bird’s-eye or dollhouse view. Know that when buying your new home, we’ve thought of everything.

What View Do You Prefer?

We encourage you to discover the different views offered by virtual reality technology and the benefits of each:

Dollhouse View This view gives a completely unique perspective of the home. It is a top-down, external view that allows you to navigate around a complete 3D digital representation of a property. You can rotate the space 360 degrees in every angle to check out the property from all sides.

Bird’s-eye View– This is a view from above as if you were looking down just like a bird. Great for a more simplistic view, the bird’s-eye view can be a photograph, video or even a drawing to scale of the whole floor plan of a property. It showcases the different rooms, how they relate to each other and other important features such as windows and doors. You can move between floors to see the whole plan for one particular level.

3D Showcase view  – If you really want to get to grips with the look and feel of a place use the 3D showcase view. Take yourself into the property and explore each room with a few clicks of your mouse. Easily rotate the space and move from room to room, and one floor to the next. See rooms exactly as they are, floor to ceiling.

At Multi-Area Developments, we have virtual reality 3D showcase tours of many of the different home designs we build.  Browse at your leisure, become immersed in the experience of virtual reality and imagine yourself in one of our beautiful homes.

Easily navigate through the above-mentioned views and take your real estate experience to the next level. Check out our virtual tours here.