Hamilton Parks and Conservation Areas

hiking christie conservation hamiltonIn addition to the burgeoning downtown scene, Hamilton also has an abundance of parks and conservation areas that are sure to keep all nature lovers busy and entertained throughout the year.

Waterfalls, forest trails, miles of green space – all of this and more is right in the backyard of Hamilton residents, but so much of it goes unadvertised and unnoticed. These areas are all rife with potential for a wide range of activities such as hiking, biking, boating, fishing, bird watching, photography, and much more.

Take a look at some of the parks and conservation areas located in the city and find out just how much more there is to see.

Fun fact: Hamilton is the waterfall capital of the world!

A Look at Parks and Conservation Areas Throughout the City

There are likely far too many of these for us to cover in full detail here, but we’ll do our best to talk about some of the more well-known and often visited parks and conservation areas in the city. For a more thorough list and more information on these areas, visit the Hamilton Conservation Authority‘s website.

Websters Falls Hamilton

  • Eramosa Karst Conservation Area: This one gets special mention, because it’s right in our own backyard! Located directly across from Summit Park, it’s an expansive space with over four kilometres of trails, boardwalks and bridge.
  • The Dundas Valley Conversation Area: Located in the community of Dundas, the DVCA is a sprawling, 1,200 hectare spectacle of beautiful paths, streams and wildlife. An absolute must-see for anyone who loves the natural world.
  • Fifty Point Conservation Area: Found on Lake Ontario in Stoney Creek, Fifty Point is an 80-hectare park featuring a marina, as well as space for family camping and picnics.
  • Christie Lake Conservation Area: A beautiful lake situated on the Niagara Escarpment, Christe Lake features disc golf, fishing, swimming, picnicking and, of course, hiking. There’s also an antique show every May and September.
  • Confederation Park: 93 hectares of family-friendly fun! Right on the shore of Lake Ontario, it includes a ton of outdoor attractions, including a large path for walking, biking and rollerblading; go-karts; mini-golf; batting cages; volleyball; and restaurants such as Hutch’s and Baranga’s on the Beach. Right nearby is Wild Waterworks, an amazing outdoor waterpark with slides, a Lazy River and a splash pool.

Plenty of Conservation Areas and Parks to Enjoy

  • As you can see, Hamilton is much, much more than a city with an industrial centre, a downtown core, a mountain and several communities. There’s a whole other side to explore, and it features an almost endless list of conservation areas and parks with plenty to see and do all year round.
  • Have further questions about conservation areas and parks in Hamilton? Contact us today and let us know!