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You may only know it as the “Steel City”, or you may have heard of it as an up-and-coming hub of culture and creativity. You may know it has a “mountain”, or that there’s a perfect mix of city and country living spread throughout its limits. You may know very little about it other than its name, or you may have spent countless hours exploring its various nooks and crannies.

Whether you’re a newcomer to our fair city or have called it home your entire life, there’s always something to discover about Hamilton. Real estate in Summit Park Homes is proud to play a role in that discovery.

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A Little More About Hamilton

The truth is, Hamilton’s image and identity have evolved greatly over the years, and continue to do so today. That means both fresh faces and lifelong residents alike are always finding new things to love about this city.

From monthly art crawls to various entertainment events held at FirstOntario Centre; from the sights and sounds of downtown to the calm, quiet, beautiful paths, trails, greenery and waterfront; from the one-of-a-kind bars and restaurants to the views and vistas offered by the city’s unique geography, there is never a shortage of something new to discover.

Summit Park, situated in a main growth area of the city, makes it easy for homeowners to get out there and discover Hamilton every day.

What’s Around Summit Park?

Our unique, master planned community consists of several nearby amenities and easy access to things to see and do in the city.

We’re a quick drive away from other areas of the escarpment, as well as downtown Hamilton, making it simple and convenient to get to any shopping, events or activities in the city. And right in our own backyard is a 285-acre conservation area that’s perfect for nature lovers to hike in and explore. There are also several other trails that are within driving distance of our community.

In this city, you’re never too far from something new to see and do. Whether you want to spend a day downtown, get away from everything and explore nature, spend a few hours by the waterfront, see new art from different artists, learn about the history of the city, see a show, or experience any other countless forms of education or entertainment, Hamilton has it all. To keep up with all the events going on in Hamilton, visit the Discovering Hamilton website.

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