The New Stoney Creek Confederation GO Station, Summit Park, and You

Image courtesy of Hamilton News

Hamilton is a city on the move.

Over the years, many initiatives have been implemented to help people get around the city quickly and efficiently:

  • Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway.
  • Red Hill Valley Parkway.

Of course, that doesn’t include other projects such as increasing Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) bus routes and building rapid transit lines.

Perhaps the biggest development to take place  is the upcoming Confederation GO Station in Stoney Creek.

A (very) brief history of GO Train service in Hamilton

GO Transit began operation in 1967.

That same year, it took control of the old James Street Station and offered Hamilton to Toronto commuter trips.

That lasted until 1993, when GO Transit closed James Street. At that point, the only station in the city was Hamilton GO Centre.

Train service was only available at Hamilton GO Centre, which was problematic because:

  • Service was limited (three trips in the morning, three trips in the evening).
  • The population of Hamilton continued to grow.
  • More Hamilton residents were getting jobs in Toronto (but wanted to live in Hamilton).

That changed in 2015 when West Harbour GO Station (located near the traditional James Street Station) opened.

So as of today, downtown Hamilton is being serviced by two train stations roughly 1.5 kilometers apart.

What about the rest of the city, though?

Opening soon: Confederation GO Station

If you live in Stoney Creek or Summit Park , it isn’t overly convenient to drive downtown, look for parking, and then catch a train.

Thankfully, that’s about to change.

With a planned opening date of 2019, Confederation GO Station is going to change how east Hamilton, Stoney Creek, and Hamilton Mountain residents commute to Toronto.

Important highlights include:

  • Quick 10 km ride between Confederation GO and the next closest station (West Harbour GO).
  • Heated island platform shelters (a must given the station’s proximity to Lake Ontario).
  • Shopping options.
  • Convenient connections to HSR bus routes.
  • Accessible platforms.
  • Over 600 parking spots.
  • Dual access tunnel (so you can reach the station from the north/lakeshore side or south/escarpment side).

Extended service to Grimsby, St. Catharines, and Niagara Falls

Just imagine one day; you’d like to do some shopping at the St. Catharines Pen Centre, and then enjoy a nice dinner, and the slots at Fallsview Casino.

Now picture this:

  • Driving from Summit Park to Confederation GO Station (approximately 15 minutes/13 kilometers).
  • Hopping on a train towards St. Catharines.
  • Shopping to your heart’s content at the Pen Centre.
  • Getting back on the train and hitting Niagara Falls.
  • Having a blast at the casino.
  • Stepping on a train for the return trip home.

With Niagara service from Confederation GO, you won’t have to worry about things like:

  • Wasting gas.
  • Wear and tear on your vehicle.
  • Paying for parking.
  • Calling/paying for a cab or an Uber.

Here’s another benefit: Students attending Brock University will have an easy  way to get to school and come back – without having to pay for expensive residence.

Like the all-day Hamilton service mentioned earlier in this blog, service to Niagara Falls won’t be ready once the station opens.

The plan is for Grimsby to St. Catharines trains to be up and running by 2023, with Niagara Falls trains two years after that, in 2025.

Exciting times ahead

If you’re looking to call Hamilton home – but still want convenient commuter access to Toronto and Niagara Falls – Summit Park is where you want to be.

It’s got:

As it relates to Confederation Go Station, you can get from Summit Park to the new train station in around 15 minutes.

No stopping in traffic. No hunting for parking spaces. No frustration.

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For future updates and plans on the Confederation GO Station, you check out the Go Transit website.