The Best Ways to Get to Know Your Neighbours and Your Community

Living in an environment surrounded by people you barely know can feel very lonely. Busy lifestyles easily can distract you from getting to know your neighbours.

Numerous studies have indicated that a significant part of the population in developed countries know very little about their neighbours. This is a sad trend, when you think that the very idea of a community is people living within the same area coming together, and looking out for one another. It seems though that these days people are just so busy, but if we all make some small adjustments and take the initiative, we can help to create that sense of community for ourselves and our neighbours.

There are numerous benefits of getting to know your community and neighbours. For example, you get access to free and easy information and resources, such as where the best food scene is located. More importantly, it will improve your quality of life, and can provide the feeling of a more fulfilled life.

Here are some tips on how to get to know your neighbours.

Block Parties

Block parties are an old-fashioned way of bringing the neighbourhood together in the warmer weather of summer to enjoy a barbecue, shared activities and fun. Organizing a block party may be a bit of work, but the results make it all worth it. Keep in mind you may need to obtain a permit for your event depending on local by-laws. In the end, after all of the hard work and planning there is nothing like the feeling of seeing everyone come together and have some fun.

Throw a Potluck Party

Connecting with your neighbours can be as easy as throwing a potluck. The benefits of a potluck party are numerous. It doesn’t need a lot of preparation and it isn’t an expensive affair. Even better, you can hold a potluck party during the winter holidays as a combined holiday event. Ask every guest to bring their favourite dish and a drink to share. If hosting over the holidays you could even do a Secret Santa for the kids and put on a holiday movie for them to watch. This allows the adults to enjoy some great conversation and keeps the kids busy.

Games Night

Games night are always a fun way to bring people together. In the colder months you can set up some board games, trivia or card games for both adults and kids. Then in the summer months you can set up some outdoor games such as volleyball, horse shoes, beanbag toss and badminton just to name some. As an added bonus you can set up a snack and refreshment table central to all the activities. Whether indoor or outdoor a games night is sure to be a hit with young and old.

Wine and Cheese

Whether new to a neighbourhood, welcoming a new neighbour or just wanting to host a nice get together a Wine and Cheese event are always a sure fire hit no matter the time of year. Invite your neighbours and ask them each to bring a bottle of wine with them to share. Then make a couple charcuterie trays and put them out with some crackers and bread allowing people to graze throughout the night. The evening is sure to be filled with some great conversation and surely a few laughs.

Getting to know your neighbours may seem like a non-priority, however making the time and effort can have such a positive impact on your life it may be well worth making it a priority. Why not take the initiative and organize one of the above, it could be a great opportunity to meet some really interesting and nice people. Going back to focusing on growing our offline communities will go a long way in serving our overall sense of  fulfillment.

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