Smart Homes and Smart Home Design Ideas

What does a smart home look like? Smart home designs and must-have gadgets for your home.

What Does a Smart Home Look Like? Find Out with These Smart Home Design Ideas

What does a smart home look like and how can you design your home to be smarter? When it comes to must-haves for your smart home, you may be wondering which new technologies are worth including in your smart home design, and how each will shape your home and household.

A smart home contains a communication network that connects different appliances and allows them to be remotely controlled and monitored. A device connects to the Internet and can usually be controlled through an app on your smart phone.

In addition to being able to control many elements in your home, there are practical design benefits of smart home features, too.

What Does a Smart Home Look Like?

From the outside, a smart home could look like any home. It’s the technology inside that differentiates it. The key to a well-operated smart home is the compatibility of your components (or apps) with each other and making sure you have good Wi-Fi throughout your home.

You can use lots of components and connect them to a hub where they can communicate with each other and you. Or you can use smart products that don’t depend on a home hub to operate. No matter which method you use, you can control everything from lighting, cameras, speakers and audio systems, as well as thermostats and alarms through smart home devices.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to make your home ‘smart’. Here are some affordable smart home design ideas:

Must Haves for Your Smart Home

• Lighting – Change the mood of a room with smart lighting throughout your home or just hook up one fixture to really make an impact in a commonly used area of your home.
• Security – Fit cameras around your home to monitor everything including your outdoor space, deliveries at your door, or even what your kids and pets are doing inside of your home. Give yourself peace of mind with smart home security features.
• Temperature – Install a smart thermostat to control heating and cooling wirelessly. Set fixed temperatures and save money on utility bills.
• Sound – Use smart speakers to play music in any room of the house and consider waterproof speakers for your outside space.
• Safety – Never worry about pipes bursting or silent killers in your home like carbon monoxide. With smart sensors you can get an alert when water is detected on the floor (and the sensor will turn off your water). Smart carbon monoxide and fire alarm technologies will alert you when anything unusual is detected.

Smart Home Design Ideas

If you’re in the market for something a little more spectacular or unusual for your home, consider these ideas:

• Smart trashcan that opens with a sensor
• Robotic vacuum that cleans your floors before you even get home
• An alarm clock that simulates the sunrise to wake you up gently
• Bluetooth mirrors that allow you to play music or make phone calls while getting ready
• Flower pots that water your plants for you
• Smart photo frames where you can change the artwork on display with the touch of a button.

These technologies and smart home design ideas add safety, practicality and functionality to your life, but also some pizazz to your home. The choice is yours – how far do you want to go with your smart home design? Contact Multi-Area Developments to learn more about finding a new home perfect for integrating these smart technologies.