Helpful Life Hacks for Transforming Any Room

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Helpful Life Hacks for Transforming Any Room

Almost everyone lives in a place where at least one room seems too small to do anything with or too large to feel cozy enough. Don’t give up just yet! Choosing items that speak to who you are, combining new and old pieces together, incorporating more lighting and even using more white in your decorating are all just a few of the simple life hacks that can help you fully customize your home and create happy spaces where everyone will want to hang out.

Here are some other key tips to have fun with your home design and let your inner interior designer run wild.

Life Hacks for Making Small Room Seem Bigger

There are a number of life hacks for making a small room seem bigger, including:

  • Hack #1: Hang a mirror opposite of a window to create the illusion of more space and reflect as much light as possible.
  • Hack #2: Continue hallway flooring into the room to create a consistent appearance the extends the room beyond its walls.
  • Hack #3: Lighten up the furniture. Use lighter coloured furniture to brighten up the space. Large, dark furniture closes off the room and makes it feel smaller.
  • Hack #4: Darken the walls. Contrary to what you might think, painting small rooms in dark colours actually makes them seem larger.
  • Hack #5: Paint consistently. Beyond painting in dark colours, try painting everything the same. Walls, door frames and base board can all be painted the same colour to lengthen the appearance of the room.
  • Hack #6: Use multiple light sources distributed around the room. One single light can cause shadows and make the room appear closed in. Using multiple lights on the ceiling, floor and surfaces will open up the room by making it brighter.
  • Hack #7: Make good use of your walls. When floor space is limited, use your walls to add décor, shelving or lights that are personalized to your style.

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Hacks for Making a Big Room More Cozy

On the flip side, while big room provides more space, it can also be more difficult to make it feel truly cozy. Here are some life hacks for making your big room inviting and enjoyable to spend time in:

  • Hack #1: Use tall lamps or plants to close off the space. Strategically placing tall items can help close in a sitting space by creating the illusion of walls.
  • Hack #2: Two-tone walls make a room feel cozier by making the ceilings appear lower than they actually are.
  • Hack #3: Fill extra floor space with large pieces of furniture. For example, instead of a coffee table, use an oversized ottoman to close in your sitting space and provide a cozier atmosphere.
  • Hack #4: Divide your large room into two smaller areas. For example, use half of the room for cozy couches and the other half for a table and chairs.
  • Hack #5: Sectionals are a great option for rounding out a sitting area. They provide a distinct, closed off shape to the sitting area and a more intimate setting for everyone sitting together.
  • Hack #6: Fill the walls with décor. Bare walls make a big room seem bigger than it is. Use the extra space to feature décor, mirrors, family photographs or shelves to fill in the gaps and make it unique to your personality.

Hacks to Generally Improve Your Home

Sometimes space isn’t the problem. Maybe you’re just looking for some general hacks to improve the interior design of your home. Here are some hacks you may not have thought about:

  • Hack #1: Mix old and new pieces together to create an eclectic set of furniture and home décor. Represent what is current and stylish to you while also including interesting conversation pieces from the past, such as family heirlooms.
  • Hack #2: Decorate your house with things that mean something to you. Collect art and other pieces of décor when you travel, or feature items you received as gifts from a loved one. You will feel more at home when you look around and see stories and memories filling your home.
  • Hack #3: Lighting, lighting, lighting! Many people don’t think about the lighting in their home but it is so important. Good lighting can drastically change your home. Take time to think about lamp placement, ceiling light fixtures and window covers. Sunlight is the best way to brighten up a home.
  • Hack #4: Instead of buying a set of furniture, take time to collect different pieces from a variety of locations. While this is not always the easiest or cheapest option, it will leave you with a more interesting home that stands out as being authentically you.
  • Hack #5: Bring nature inside. Plants and greenery make a home feel fresh. Plants also decrease stress and bring a breath of fresh air indoors.
  • Hack #6: Don’t be afraid to change things up. As time goes by, change is necessary. Don’t hesitate to re-decorate or purge items that no longer make you happy.

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