Getting Your Home Ready for the Holidays

Are you doing the holiday hosting this year?

If so, your mind is probably racing. There’s so much to plan, prep and do.

But, first thing’s first. Relax and take a deep breath. You’ve got this.

Use our helpful tips on getting your home ready for the festive season, and you’ll be ready with time to spare … time you can use to enjoy the holidays instead of working through them.

Clean your home

Naturally, you want to make every inch of your home sparkle and shine for your guests. However, a deep clean may be overkill and impractical.

For example:

  • Why spend time and energy dusting or wiping out-of-sight areas like the very tops of your cupboards or cabinets when no one will see these spots?
  • If there’s a room that’s going to be “off-limits” during your holiday hosting, don’t focus too much time cleaning it, since no one will be going in there anyway.


  • Don’t stash clutter: It’s easy to stash clutter behind a closet door or under the bed. That doesn’t help with organizing.
  • Keep on top of the busiest rooms: The kitchen, bathroom, living room and dining room tend to be the busiest. Make sure these areas are clean, that there’s enough room for people to sit and relax, and that they’re stocked with the essentials.
  • Use baking soda and water: Combine the two to make a simple, yet effective, scouring solution that can scrub away the toughest cleaning areas like your stovetop and bathroom sink.

Hosting Tip: Tired of cleaning floors before guests arrive, only to have to mop again after they go? Keep your floors clean during your party by setting aside a spot in your mudroom or laundry room for messy footwear. You can even have guests place their boots in plastic bags, which will make it easier to carry them out of the way and ensure grime doesn’t end up on your floor.

Prep for overnight guests

Even if you have plenty of space for overnight visitors, you want to make sure they’re comfortable and cozy.

That means:

  • Dusting the walls and floors
  • Putting on fresh bedsheets before their arrival
  • Replacing burnt out light bulbs
  • Emptying closets or dressers so guests have room for their belongings

Making the house comfortable for overnight guests isn’t limited to the spare bedroom. You’ll want to ensure the guest bathroom is ready to go too:

  • Rub off any grime from the showerhead, faucets, and taps
  • Fill up empty soap dispensers
  • Provide an easy access hamper for laundry
  • Stock up on toilet paper, shampoo, shaving cream, dental products and anything else your guests might need

Decorate your house

If cleaning the house is a chore, then putting up holiday décor is a treat.

You don’t need to turn your home into Santa’s Village (unless you want to), but there are subtle touches you can make to get your home into the Christmas spirit:

  • A Christmas doormat is the perfect way to welcome your visitors
  • Wrap the staircase handle in lighted garland
  • Place a Christmas themed tablecloth on the dining room table
  • Use festive candles, (safely)
  • Play Christmas music to get everyone feeling festive
  • String up Christmas cards you’ve received for an old-fashioned, classic touch
  • Position poinsettias around your home, (just keep them away from your dogs and cats)
  • Clear a space to set up a manger scene or miniature Christmas village full of lights and music

Set up a wrapping station

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of wrapping gifts. Before you know it, you’ve wrapped gifts in just about every room:

  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • Basement/rec room
  • Dining room

While that’s fun, it can also lead to ribbon, paper, tape, and scissors being scattered throughout the house.

Instead, dedicate one area of your home for gift wrapping. It’ll make it much easier to control all the little bits and pieces associated with it.

Happy Holidays from Multi-Area Developments Inc.

Whether you’re hosting or attending holiday get-togethers this year, the team at Multi-Area Developments hopes the holidays are full of family, friends and fun.

Thank you for making this past year such a rewarding one. We can’t wait to see what 2019 brings for Summit Park and the City of Hamilton.

All the best! We’ll see you next year!