Family Friendly Home Features You’ll Love

family together

It’s harder than ever to spend time connecting as a family. The older your children get, and the more technology interferes, the more challenging it is to engage them. What if your home could lend you a little help?

The smart design of Multi-Area Developments’ homes helps you connect with your family. We’ve included many family friendly home features into our designs. Which ones are best for your family?

1. Kitchen Island

Few families can find the time to gather around the dining table every day. Instead, kids are popping out to play sports or coming in late from other activities. The kitchen island has become the place where families gather and prepare their meals together.

A large, beautiful kitchen island isn’t just a convenient and aesthetic feature. Instead, it has become the hub of a home. Keep family communication in mind when designing your kitchen.

2. Media Room

Instead of having each family member watch on their own screen, use a media room to gather everyone together to stream Netflix, TV or a movie. A wisely laid-out media room will be a relaxing space for the whole family to share. The Mapleview single home design includes a media room on the second floor. Explore this home’s media room area in a virtual 3D tour.

3. Fireplace

If you want a home that will encourage your family to ditch the screens altogether when you’re spending quality time together, consider one with a fireplace. There’s something mesmerizing about the flames, even if they’re not real.

A fireplace is a natural gathering spot that creates a relaxing atmosphere. Especially in winter, when you won’t be able to get outside, a fireplace is a valuable, family-friendly home feature.

family outside

4. Large Yard

Speaking of the outdoors, a large backyard is an excellent feature for a family of any size. Few of us spend enough time out in the sunshine, and it’s much easier to make that a priority when you have a large backyard to use.

You can put a lot of other family-friendly amenities in the yard to encourage every family member to use the space. If the space permits it, yYou might consider a(n):

· Pool or hot tub
· Fire pit
· Playground
· Entertaining space including outdoor sofas
· Outdoor kitchen
· Practice area for the children’s sports

Explore More Family-Friendly Home Features

Are you trying to find a home with all the family-friendly amenities you want? Reach out to us at Multi-Area Developments to discover your perfect home.