Explore the Hamilton Waterfalls Near Summit Park

For over a century (really), Hamilton was known as the “Steel City” due to its reliance on – and identification with – the steel industry.

While steel still plays an important role in Hamilton’s economy, the city has another well known nickname: :

The City of Waterfalls

In fact, there are over 100 named waterfalls within the city limits, including a few near the latest Multi-Area Developments community, Summit Park.

So, the next time you visit Summit Park, take a little detour and discover these beautiful waterfalls.

Albion FallsAlbion Falls

The tale of the tape:

  • Height: 62 ft.
  • Width: 59 ft.
  • Type: Cascading
  • Distance from Summit Park: 3.9 km.

Perhaps the most famous waterfall in Hamilton, Albion Falls is just a 6 minute drive from Summit Park and Laguna Village.

In summer (winter too, although it’s a bit more snow-covered), a walking trail with benches and viewing lookouts allows you to get incredibly close to Albion Falls.

At the same time, it takes you along the Mountain Brow, giving you a spectacular view of the lower city.

  • Fun Albion Falls fact: A grist mill was built near Albion Falls in 1792. An old mill wheel is still there.

Buttermilk Falls in HamiltonButtermilk Falls

The tale of the tape:

  • Height: 75 ft.
  • Width: 26 ft.
  • Type: Ribbon
  • Distance from Summit Park: 4.5 km.

Buttermilk Falls is a narrow ribbon waterfall which isn’t too far from Albion Falls (mentioned earlier in this blog).

To get a close-up view of Buttermilk Falls, just take the Bruce Trail conservation path until you reach the top.

Checking out Buttermilk Falls from the bottom is a bit trickier.

That’s because there’s no natural access. This means you have to climb down Albion Falls and follow two creeks to reach Buttermilk Falls.

  • Fun Buttermilk Falls fact: While it’s always beautiful, visiting Buttermilk Falls after a heavy rainfall or snow melt immensely increases its water flow.

Pritchard FallsPritchard Falls

The tale of the tape:

  • Height: 15 ft.
  • Width: 3 ft.
  • Type: Ribbon
  • Distance from Summit Park: 4.0 km.

Pritchard Falls was only discovered in 2009, so there’s not a lot of historical information available on it.

Named after Pritchard Road (where it’s located), Pritchard Falls is located incredibly close to Albion Falls.

Additionally, reaching Pritchard Falls is incredibly easy. A parking lot at the end of Pritchard Road connects to a small trail.

Simply follow that trail until you reach a footbridge, which will then take you to Pritchard Falls.

  • Fun Pritchard Falls fact: Just like Buttermilk Falls, Pritchard Falls is best viewed during a downpour of rain of after the winter snow thaw.

Hannon CascadeHannon Cascade

The tale of the tape:

  • Height: 10 ft.
  • Width: 18 ft.
  • Type: Curtain
  • Distance from Summit Park: 7.0 km.

Unlike the other waterfalls mentioned here, Hannon Cascade is wider than it is taller.

It’s also named after the old hamlet of Hannon (which is now a neighbourhood of Hamilton, as opposed to its own jurisdiction).

If you want to visit Hannon Cascade, take Fletcher Road south and turn east on Golf Club Road.

  • Fun Hannon Cascade fact: It is the most southerly waterfall you’ll find in Hamilton.

Waterfall safety tips

Waterfall sign

No matter which Hamilton waterfall you choose to visit, you’ll enjoy both an incredible view and impressive sounds.

(Should you visit certain waterfalls at night, you’ll be treated to a stunning light show too).

With that in mind, here are some easy-to-follow waterfall viewing safety tips:

  • Stick to cleared and marked trails
  • Wear the proper footwear (areas near waterfalls are naturally slick and slippery)
  • Don’t go too close to the edge
  • Do not climb down a waterfall to reach the bottom
  • Be mindful of shifting rocks underneath your feet and falling landscapes from above
  • Don’t get too close or feed any wildlife near the waterfall

Discover the natural beauty of Summit Park

As a community, Summit Park is full of beautiful homes, convenient amenities, and great features.

As a greenspace area, Summit Park is surrounded by lush parks and wonderful waterfalls.

Put it all together, and it’s a great place to call home.

To discover life at Summit Park for yourself, you can:

Laguna Village on Hamilton Mountain

Thank you to CityofWaterfalls.ca & Waterfalls.Hamilton.ca for providing the information for this blog.