How to Care For the Natural Stone Countertops Inside Your Multi-Area Developments Home

Some of the reasons Multi-Area Developments offers  natural stone countertops as an upgrade  are:

  • DURABILITY: Cleaning granite countertops on a regular basis – along with ongoing granite countertop maintenance – ensures they can handle daily rigours for a lifetime.
  • ONE-OF-A-KIND: Each countertop slab is unique. What you’ll find inside, say, the Mapleview is different than a Tivoli. Rest assured, your granite countertop will be unlike any other.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: It’s right in the name; natural stone. There are no manmade or synthetic qualities about the countertops we use.
  • EASY TO CARE FOR: You’re busy. You don’t want to spend hours cleaning your countertops. With natural stone, you get the best of both worlds: Low maintenance with high beauty.

With that in mind, here are some easy-to-follow tips about the best way to clean granite, quartz, onyx, marble, limestone, and travertine, and care for it.

Start granite countertop maintenance with protective sealant

People assume that because natural stone is tough, it’s also “stain proof.”

That’s incorrect.

Natural stone must be sealed with a protective sealer. This helps prevent stains and other contaminants from reaching down below the surface.

The good news? Once treated with a protective sealer, natural stone is ready for carefree, everyday use.

Clean up spills ASAP

The moment something spills on your natural stone countertop, grab a soft cloth to wipe it up. Prolonged exposure can etch the polish or dull the finish.

As a result, the granite countertops in your new construction home will look older and more weathered than they should.

In particular, make sure you clean up the following items immediately:

  • Coke, Sprite, and other soft drinks.
  • Orange juice, lime juice and other acidic beverages.

While these spills won’t burn a hole in your countertop, they will make eat away at its lustre.

Put down coasters

Remember your mom always telling you to use a coaster when you were a kid?

Well, now that you’re an adult with a home and kitchen of your own, you’ll be telling your kids to put down a coaster on any calcareous surface, such as:

  • Natural stone.
  • Granite.
  • Marble.
  • Onyx.
  • Travertine.

Cleaning granite countertops and dry them afterwards

The best way to clean granite and other natural stone countertops is to follow a schedule of daily cleanings and deep cleanings.

Daily cleaning

  • Spot wash your natural stone surface, rinse away excess cleaner, and dry.
  • When drying, use a soft, non-abrasive Miracle cloth. This won’t scratch or leave streaks.
  • Daily cleaning is particularly important if you have dark coloured natural stone.

Deep cleaning

  • When you really want to do deep, use a special natural stone cleaning product.
  • Different surfaces require different products. There is no “one size fits all” solution.

A list of don’ts

When caring for your natural stone countertops, make certain you do not do the following:

  • DON’T use vinegar, lemon juice, or other acidic cleaners on your stone; even if they’ve been sealed.
  • DON’T use abrasive bathroom cleaners, grout cleaners, tub, or tile cleaners. Natural stone isn’t meant to come into contact with such materials.
  • DON’T mix bleach and ammonia. It’s dangerous, toxic, and potentially lethal.
  • DON’T mix any chemicals together unless the directions specifically instruct you to do so.

Look at it this way: You wouldn’t use a power washer to take a shower or clean hardwood floors because it’s just too strong.

The same applies to cleaning granite countertops. The cleaners you use should accomplish what you need and nothing more.

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