Best Interior Design Trends, Features, and Finishes to Include in Your New Home

Modern Kitchen Design

There’s nothing quite
like owning a brand new 
home. Most model homes showcase crisp, clean lines paired with the
most updated appliances, technology, and design trends.

You can also choose from
a wide range of floor plan finishes and accents to personalize the space.

Here we’ve compiled a
list of the most popular home trends that bring not only style but convenience
to your gorgeous new home.

Grab your eye for design
and let’s get into it!

High Ceilings

High ceilings are one
interior design trend that makes a bold statement. From the minute you enter
your new home, high, vaulted ceilings are breathtaking.

The best part is, a
little goes a long way. Upgrading your ceilings just one foot from eight to
nine-feet can make a dramatic difference. Some homes even offer 10-foot
ceilings for an even more wide-open feel.

High ceilings give you
more options for stylish light fixtures and 
wall decor. A tray or rafters offer added dimension. 

Smart Technology

In a world where
technology rules, it’s no wonder that smart devices are one interior design
trend you can’t afford to ignore. Not only does smart home technology make your
life easier but it could 
save you money in the long run.

Smart thermostats are a
growing trend for new homeowners. The ability to change your thermostat
temperature without being home helps cut down on energy costs. 

Leave your house at a
higher or lower temperature during the day when you’re not there and adjust it
to the desired temperature shortly before you arrive.

Smart locks are another great feature for families,
singles, and retired couples. Did you forget to lock the door? You can easily
check and lock it using your smartphone.

Many home automation
systems also offer security features including cameras, motion sensors, and alarms
for added protection and peace of mind.

Accent Lights

Sometimes, a little goes
a long way. One interior design trend that is simple and affordable but makes a
big statement is accent lighting.

Remember those tray ceilings
mentioned earlier? These are a great spot to add accent lights. Instead of an
outdated dimmer switch, accent lights help create a relaxing mood and ambiance.

But don’t stop there.
Accent lights are also popular under kitchen cabinets and even along the
floorboards. This hint of light is perfect for grabbing a midnight snack or
enjoying a romantic evening at home.

Accent lights add
elegance and luxury without the big price tag. 

Charging Stations

Are you tired of
searching for that missing phone or tablet charger? Does your family have more
devices than you can count?

If so, you’re not alone.
And that’s why charging stations are another interior design trend that’s
really catching on.

Centrally located,
mess-free, and convenient, charging stations allow everyone to plug their
devices into a single spot. This is perfect for kids (and adults) who have
trouble keeping track of their smartphones or tablets.

This tech trend helps
create a neat and clutter-free area for powering up your devices in your beautiful
new home.

Double Garages

The average family owns
at least two vehicle with some owning three or more.

That’s why having ample
garage space is an important home trend to consider. Double garages are
suitable for most families. Not only can you protect your car from the harsh
outdoor elements, but garages also double as storage space.

This is especially
important for retired couples with years worth of
memories, or a new family with plans to expand. You have two choices when it
comes to a double garage — a single door or two individual doors ask our
interior design consultants about your options

There’s also the design
element to consider. Which option do you think is more aesthetically pleasing?

Check out a double garage door option here or two-single doors here. 

Finished Basements

When people hear the
word “basement”, they often think of a cold, dark, unfinished space
similar to an attic. Today’s basements have come a long way in terms of design,
comfort, and functionality. 

Basement interior design
trends range from 
man caves and game rooms to additional bedrooms and
other creative spaces.

Are you one of the
Canadians who work from home? Your basement can double as a home office. If you
have grandkids that visit often, turn the basement into a playroom. 

Redesign your basement
to serve whatever purpose best fits your lifestyle. 

Modern Living Space with Accent Wall

Painted Accent Walls

The days of one paint
color through your entire home are long gone. Not only are homeowners choosing
multiple colors for different rooms throughout the house, but different colors inside
the same room.

Painting one or two
walls a different color from the rest is known as an accent wall. These walls
act as a statement piece and focal point in the room. Dark colors like gray,
navy, or red can actually make your space appear larger than it really is.

These dark colors
visually push the wall backward, providing depth. Play around with different
paint colors that compliment your style, personality, and decor. 

Build Your Dream Home with These Interior Design Trends

Building your dream home
is about getting all the features you’ve always dreamed of rolled into one,
gorgeous space. By utilizing some interior design trends, you can guarantee
your new home is both functional and stylish.

At the end of the day,
your new home should reflect your needs and personality. The Interior design
professionals at Multi-Area Developments can help bring your
vision to life.

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