5 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe While You’re on Summer Vacation

Family at the airport

Getting ready to head out on summer holidays with the family?

As you pack your bags and check your plane tickets, don’t forget to think about properly securing your home.

Locking the door and setting the alarm (if you have one) just won’t cut it to protect your home from burglars.

Even though your house will be empty for the next few weeks, you want to create the illusion that someone’s there.

That way, would be thieves will simply ignore your house if they think there’s ongoing activity taking place.

Don’t let the nagging feeling of not knowing if you’ve properly secured your house ruin your summer vacation.

Courtesy of Multi-Area Developments, simply follow these home security tips below on ways to secure your home and give yourself total peace of mind as you enjoy your summer vacation.

No social media1. Keep quiet about your vacation

WHY: Smart criminals scour Facebook, Twitter, etc. looking for clues as to when people will be away.

Social media privacy settings always change.

You may think you’re sharing vacation details with friends and family.

But you never really know who’s reading your posts.

Timer2. Create the appearance that someone’s home

WHY: If a house looks like its occupied and busy, it’s less likely someone will try to break into it.

Set radio, TV and light timers.

Plus, you should also arrange to have your grass cut on a regular basis.

And if possible, always have a car (even if it’s your neighbours) parked in the driveway.

House safe3. Use your safe (if you have one)

WHY: It’s incredibly hard for a common crook to break into a safe.

Chances are they won’t even try.

Anything you don’t want strangers to see in plain view should definitely be placed in your safe.

This includes things like:

  • Extra cash
  • Bank statements and/or bills
  • Spare keys
  • Home ownership documents

Alarm sign4. Highlight the security system (even if you don’t own one)

WHY: Nothing deters burglars quite like seeing that a house is protected by an alarm system.

Don’t have a home alarm?

You can purchase signs, symbols and stickers which look enough like the real thing to spook would-be robbers. You’ll know they’re fake; the bad guys won’t.

Magnifying glass5. Check your entire property before leaving

WHY: Because you’re always coming and going, you may not notice some security or safety gaps.

Walk around you home like a potential burglar and ask yourself:

  • Are there places to hide?
  • Can they use a crowbar to open a door?
  • Are the locks and deadbolts in good working condition?

Enjoy your vacation – and your home too

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