2020 Interior Decor Trends

 Whether you have just moved into a new home built by Multi-Area Developments Inc. or are looking for ways to refresh your current home, these interior décor trends for 2020 offer a veritable plethora of inspired ideas.

Abstract Artwork

Take your design cues from free-spirited abstract expressionist artists using bold geometrics and blocks of unexpected colour. You can expect to see those bold geometrics appearing on wall coverings from tile to wallpaper. The colours become vibrant with everything from burnished reds side by side deep navy blues and mustardy golds snuggled against mauve. This look can work in just about any room and will depend on accents like statement rugs, cushions or even dramatic duvet covers to infuse the abstract art into your design.

Simplified Structure

This takes stripped back style down to the barest of bones to create serenity. Restful places are created using warm neutrals like oatmeal and simple furnishings that keep the eye and mind calm. Think sustainable, unfussy comfort and seek out artisanal inspired pieces of furniture that are simple yet expressive. Complete the look using tactile qualities and interesting textures in accessories such as rugs, pillows and art.

H2: Basic Comforts

Get physical with plush, deep-set comfort using layer upon layer of cushions, faux furs and knits to create an inviting place to rest. Natural tones in cool blues and greys, get warmth when paired with pinks and browns or peacefulness with green punches leaning more towards teals or mossy greens. Furnishings are deep and comfortable for sofas and beds and substantial for tables that invite gathering. Weathered woods and other distressed finishes create a feeling of wear that is familiar and welcoming.

Crazy Glamour

Take on some glam with a bold splash of sassy to embrace this trend. Combine the sophistication of the 30’s with the tacky opulence of the 70’s and you’re nearly there. Everything is fluid and shapely including the furniture. Colours are rich-like jewel tones with some 70’s inspired golds like ochre. Metal rules here and anything goes whether it is gold, brass, bronze or copper. Go big and bold with cocktail cabinets and bar carts to add lots of metal and marble. And don’t forget the velvet complete with tassels and fringe on crazy accent chairs.


Two worlds collide with Japan and the Scandinavian/Nordic feel coming into brash contact. Its Asian elegance with rustic northern influences that invite comfort. Rich silks marry subdued palettes and clean lines. Pale muted colours like grey, blue and green match perfectly with blonde woods, but can then be accented with the black and darker woods of the east. Everything is neat and contained to create a sense of purposeful discipline and organization.

The Tropics

Subtle tropical hints are being used to bring a sense of joy into the home. Think softened botanical prints and inspired touches of tropical wildlife on fabrics and wallpaper. House plants make a comeback with airy ferns and frondy palms, but also glean hints of nature from the trend for vertical, living walls. Colours insist on splashes of soft jade with pinks, yellows and browns.

Decadence and the Luxe Revival

Different from the crazy glamour look, this trend instead depends on that tired term Luxe. Decadent fabrics and furniture create the base here, with statement lighting and furniture trends that are more reminiscent of the rounded shapes of the bygone era of Art Deco. Once again rose and ochre/mustard are featured big time in the decorating trends for 2020 with more brass marble and velvet made more seductive with the detail of smoked glass.

These home décor trends are perfectly suited for your new home plans. Check out our brand new release, Laguna Village, and turn your dream home into a reality.